Shopping List

A shopping list can make the shopping experience more beneficial:

Brute force solutions

  • Paper
    • Franklin Covey Shopping List/Meal Planner form
    • Notepad

Advanced solutions

  • Spreadsheet
  • Word processor (e.g., Microsoft Word)
    • Multipage?
  • Database
    • Access
    • SQL Server??!! (overkill??!!)
    • MySQL

Special Software

Some shopping lists include the following features:

  • Meal planning with recipes and ingredient lists
  • Sorting by location of the item in the store to make the trip through the store take less time

Some features I'd like to see in a software package include:

  • Product need scheduling - tell me when I'm about to run out of something!

Free Open Source Solutions

TBD - See SourceForge and FreshMeat?

Considerations for Success

  • How many pages?
    • More pages means more to manage in the store.
  • Print size
    • Some people hate small print!