Windows Run As Command

Microsoft recommends that, as a security best practice, interactive logins should done with non-administrative accounts, and tasks or programs that require administrative privileges should be run using the Run as... command.

Running a program as another user interactively

This can be accomplished by right-clicking the icon for a program and choosing Run as.... The following window displays (Windows XP):

Windows XP Run As Dialog

Choose "The following user" radio button and fill in the necessary credentials and click OK.

Running a program as another user interactively on the command line

At the command line, use the runas command:

runas /user:YourDomain\YourUserName normalCommandLine

where YourDomain is the Windows domain to which your account belongs and YourUserName is the name of the account you wish to run as, and normalCommandLine is the set of commands and options that you would normally execute (without concern for user account).